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OpSus Archive Overview

OpSus Archive is a cloud-based storage solution built for healthcare data archiving. OpSus Archive provides reliable, geographically dispersed object storage for healthcare data management. OpSus Archive is low cost, reliable, long-term storage for any enterprise data which needs to be retained but not regularly accessed (e.g., video surveillance).

OpSus Archive provides offsite archival services, which include all appropriate servers, storage, and processes to securely host archiving data at one of our fault-tolerant data centers. Offsite replication occurs at another highly resilient data center or co-location facility to facilitate a data recovery in the event of failure of the primary data center. OpSus Archive can include a gateway server to present any storage interface for an application which cannot communicate natively with an object storage platform.

Services include:

  • Fault Tolerance – OpSus Archive storage is written with an FEC erasure coding algorithm across multiple nodes in multiple datacenters, guaranteeing availability.
  • Access – CloudWave provides programmatic (S3 or OpenStack Swift) access to OpSus Archive for applications which are compatible. For any others, CloudWave provides a local server which can present one of these APIs as an SMB or NFS share, thereby eliminating compatibility issues for legacy applications.
  • Monitoring and Support– CloudWave will provide 24×7 monitoring and support of critical components such as servers, network, and storage located in the OpSus data center, as well as key incident and problem management services.
  • MyOpSus Support Portal– CloudWave will provide Customer access to the ticketing and service report tool (called MyOpSus) for incident management, service requests, and component performance analysis.


  • Provisioned in highly resilient data centers with the highest availability ratings achievable.
  • Service Management design based on ITIL V3 Standards by a team of engineers, operators, and consultants with extensive experience in healthcare IT.
  • Continuous monitoring and management by 100% US-based CloudWave Operations Staff for performance, availability, and compliance.
  • Replication across multiple CloudWave OpSus Network Operating Centers (NOC’s) to provide built-in Disaster Recovery in the event of a geographic or physical infrastructure emergency at any one location.
  • Built on an object storage platform which allows for greater scalability with less overhead, resulting in a more cost-effective solution.
  • High Availability design employs forward checking error correction (FEC) erasure coding to achieve high levels of durability and resilience, guarding against data loss and corruption without the costs associated with traditional RAID type protections.
  • Data is encrypted and split across geographically dispersed, redundant tier 4 data centers for increased availability and security.
  • Data is secured in transit either with IPSEC AES and 3DES encryption with RADIUS user authentication or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Data at rest is protected with AES-256 encryption. A proprietary keyless encryption method requires no key management by the end user.


How many copies of my archival data are maintained at a time?

A minimum of two complete copies of your archival data are available at both the primary and alternate data center.

Can OpSus Archive write to public cloud?

Yes, your data can be stored in either private or public cloud. For data sets which are not frequently accessed, the public cloud can sometimes be more cost effective.

What is the data in transit encryption rating?

Data in transit is secured with either IPSEC AES and 3DES encryption with RADIUS user authentication or Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

What is the data at rest encryption rating?

Data at rest is secured with AES-256 encryption.

Does OpSus Archive support image storage and recall?

Yes, OpSus Archive is PACS and SCA ready, and image data is efficiently stored and recalled through object storage.


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